Saturday, March 19, 2011


ape yang aq rase sekrg??
tu yang aq rase sekrag ni..
aq rase empty sangat..
even aq ade ramai kawan2 aq tetap rase kosong..
Die da pergi dr aq, aq amat perlu kan seseorang sekrang ni..
i need sum1 who can lend their shoulder for me to cry on..
i need sum who can alway be beside when i need..
i need sum1 who can always comfort me when i got sumting prob..
will i get the person like that??
i will always praying for that..
i dont want to think bout that..
now the most important thing is my formative exam..
i dont want to tthink about the others matters..
hopefully i can do well in my exam n will find sum1 that i looking for..

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